libTriton version 1.0 build 1590
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[python api] All information about the SymbolicVariable Python object.


This object is used to represent a symbolic variable.

>>> symvar = ctxt.symbolizeRegister(ctxt.registers.rax)
>>> print(symvar)

Python API - Methods of the SymbolicVariable class

  • string getAlias(void)
    Returns the alias (if exists) of the symbolic variable.
  • integer getBitSize(void)
    Returns the size of the symbolic variable.
  • string getComment(void)
    Returns the comment (if exists) of the symbolic variable.
  • integer getId(void)
    Returns the id of the symbolic variable. This id is always unique.
    e.g: 18
  • string getName(void)
    Returns name of the symbolic variable.
    e.g: SymVar_18
  • integer getOrigin(void)
    Returns the origin according to the SYMBOLIC value.
    If getType() returns triton::engines::symbolic::REGISTER_VARIABLE, then getOrigin() returns the id of the register.
    Otherwise, if getType() returns triton::engines::symbolic::MEMORY_VARIABLE, then getOrigin() returns the address of the memory access.
    Then, if getType() returns triton::engines::symbolic::UNDEFINED_VARIABLE, then getOrigin() returns 0.
  • SYMBOLIC getType(void)
    Returns the type of the symbolic variable.
  • void setAlias(string comment)
    Sets an alias to the symbolic variable.
  • void setComment(string comment)
    Sets a comment to the symbolic variable.