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namespace  triton::arch
 The Architecture namespace.
namespace  triton::engines
 The Engines namespace.
namespace  triton::ast
 The AST namespace.
namespace  triton::callbacks
 The Callbacks namespace.
namespace  triton::utils
 The Utils namespace.
namespace  triton::size
 The Size namespace.
namespace  triton::bitsize
 The BitSize namespace.
namespace  triton::exceptions
 The Exceptions namespace.
namespace  triton::extlibs
 The external libraries namespace.
namespace  triton::extlibs::capstone
 The Capstone library namespace.
namespace  triton::modes
 The Modes namespace.
namespace  triton::bindings
 The Bindings namespace.


class  triton::ComparableFunctor< Signature >
class  triton::Context
 This is the main Triton Context class. More...
class  triton::IdentityHash< T >
 Used as a hash function in hash tables containers (std::unordered_map, robin_map). More...


typedef std::uint8_t triton::uint8
 unisgned 8-bits More...
typedef std::uint16_t triton::uint16
 unisgned 16-bits More...
typedef std::uint32_t triton::uint32
 unisgned 32-bits More...
typedef std::uint64_t triton::uint64
 unisgned 64-bits More...
typedef math::wide_integer::uintwide_t< static_cast< size_t >(UINT32_C(80)), std::uint16_t > triton::uint80
 unsigned 80-bits More...
typedef math::wide_integer::uint128_t triton::uint128
 unsigned 128-bits More...
typedef math::wide_integer::uint256_t triton::uint256
 unsigned 256-bits More...
typedef math::wide_integer::uint512_t triton::uint512
 unsigned 512-bits More...
typedef std::int8_t triton::sint8
 signed 8-bits More...
typedef std::int16_t triton::sint16
 signed 16-bits More...
typedef std::int32_t triton::sint32
 signed 32-bits More...
typedef std::int64_t triton::sint64
 signed 64-bits More...
typedef math::wide_integer::int128_t triton::sint128
 signed 128-bits More...
typedef math::wide_integer::int256_t triton::sint256
 signed 256-bits More...
typedef math::wide_integer::int512_t triton::sint512
 signed 512-bits More...
typedef std::size_t triton::usize
 unsigned MAX_INT 32 or 64 bits according to the CPU. More...
typedef unsigned long long triton::__uint
 unsigned long long if the arch is 64-bits. More...
typedef signed long long triton::__sint
 signed long long if the arch is 64-bits. More...

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

◆ __sint

typedef signed long long triton::__sint

signed long long if the arch is 64-bits.

Definition at line 113 of file tritonTypes.hpp.

◆ __uint

typedef unsigned long long triton::__uint

unsigned long long if the arch is 64-bits.

Definition at line 110 of file tritonTypes.hpp.

◆ sint128

signed 128-bits

Definition at line 88 of file tritonTypes.hpp.

◆ sint16

typedef std::int16_t triton::sint16

signed 16-bits

Definition at line 76 of file tritonTypes.hpp.

◆ sint256

signed 256-bits

Definition at line 95 of file tritonTypes.hpp.

◆ sint32

typedef std::int32_t triton::sint32

signed 32-bits

Definition at line 79 of file tritonTypes.hpp.

◆ sint512

signed 512-bits

Definition at line 102 of file tritonTypes.hpp.

◆ sint64

typedef std::int64_t triton::sint64

signed 64-bits

Definition at line 82 of file tritonTypes.hpp.

◆ sint8

typedef std::int8_t triton::sint8

signed 8-bits

Definition at line 73 of file tritonTypes.hpp.

◆ uint128

unsigned 128-bits

Definition at line 55 of file tritonTypes.hpp.

◆ uint16

typedef std::uint16_t triton::uint16

unisgned 16-bits

Definition at line 36 of file tritonTypes.hpp.

◆ uint256

unsigned 256-bits

Definition at line 62 of file tritonTypes.hpp.

◆ uint32

typedef std::uint32_t triton::uint32

unisgned 32-bits

Definition at line 39 of file tritonTypes.hpp.

◆ uint512

unsigned 512-bits

Definition at line 69 of file tritonTypes.hpp.

◆ uint64

typedef std::uint64_t triton::uint64

unisgned 64-bits

Definition at line 42 of file tritonTypes.hpp.

◆ uint8

typedef std::uint8_t triton::uint8

unisgned 8-bits

Definition at line 33 of file tritonTypes.hpp.

◆ uint80

typedef math::wide_integer::uintwide_t<static_cast<size_t>(UINT32_C(80)), std::uint16_t> triton::uint80

unsigned 80-bits

Definition at line 48 of file tritonTypes.hpp.

◆ usize

typedef std::size_t triton::usize

unsigned MAX_INT 32 or 64 bits according to the CPU.

Definition at line 106 of file tritonTypes.hpp.