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triton::bindings::python Namespace Reference

The Python namespace. More...


struct  AstContext_Object
 pyAstContext object. More...
struct  AstNode_Object
 pyAstNode object. More...
struct  BasicBlock_Object
 pyBasicBlock object. More...
struct  BitsVector_Object
 pyBitsVector object. More...
struct  Immediate_Object
 pyImmediate object. More...
struct  Instruction_Object
 pyInstruction object. More...
struct  MemoryAccess_Object
 pyMemory object. More...
struct  PathConstraint_Object
 pyPathConstraint object. More...
struct  Register_Object
 pyRegister object. More...
struct  SolverModel_Object
 pySolverModel object. More...
struct  SymbolicExpression_Object
 pySymbolicExpression object. More...
struct  SymbolicVariable_Object
 pySymbolicVariable object. More...
struct  TritonContext_Object
 pyTritonContext object. More...


PyMODINIT_FUNC inittriton (void)
 Entry point python bindings (Py2/3). More...
PyObject * PyInit_triton (void)
void initArchNamespace (PyObject *archDict)
 Initializes the ARCH python namespace. More...
void initAstNodeNamespace (PyObject *astNodeDict)
 Initializes the AST_NODE python namespace. More...
void initAstRepresentationNamespace (PyObject *astRepresentationDict)
 Initializes the AST_REPRESENTATION python namespace. More...
void initCallbackNamespace (PyObject *callbackDict)
 Initializes the CALLBACK python namespace. More...
void initConditionsNamespace (PyObject *conditionsDict)
 Initializes the CONDITION python namespace. More...
void initCpuSizeNamespace (PyObject *cpuSizeDict)
 Initializes the CPUSIZE python namespace. More...
void initExceptionNamespace (PyObject *exceptionDict)
 Initializes the EXCEPTION python namespace. More...
void initExtendNamespace (PyObject *extendDict)
 Initializes the EXTEND python namespace. More...
void initModeNamespace (PyObject *modeDict)
 Initializes the MODE python namespace. More...
void initOpcodesNamespace (PyObject *opcodeDict)
 Initializes the OPCODE python namespace. More...
void initOperandNamespace (PyObject *operandDict)
 Initializes the OPERAND python namespace. More...
void initPrefixesNamespace (PyObject *prefixDict)
 Initializes the PREFIX python namespace. More...
void initRegNamespace (PyObject *regDict)
 Initializes the REG python namespace. More...
void initShiftsNamespace (PyObject *shiftDict)
 Initializes the SHIFT python namespace. More...
void initSolverNamespace (PyObject *solverDict)
 Initializes the SOLVER python namespace. More...
void initSolverStateNamespace (PyObject *solverStateDict)
 Initializes the SOLVER_STATE python namespace. More...
void initStubsNamespace (PyObject *stubsDict)
 Initializes the STUBS python namespace. More...
void initSymbolicNamespace (PyObject *symbolicDict)
 Initializes the SYMBOLIC python namespace. More...
void initVASNamespace (PyObject *vasDict)
 Initializes the VAS python namespace. More...
void initVersionNamespace (PyObject *versionDict)
 Initializes the VERSION python namespace. More...
void AstContext_dealloc (PyObject *self)
 AstContext destructor. More...
PyObject * PyAstContext (const triton::ast::SharedAstContext &actx)
 Creates an AstContext python class. More...
void AstNode_dealloc (PyObject *self)
 AstNode destructor. More...
PyObject * PyAstNode (const triton::ast::SharedAbstractNode &node)
 Creates the AstNode python class. More...
void BasicBlock_dealloc (PyObject *self)
 BasicBlock destructor. More...
PyObject * PyBasicBlock (const triton::arch::BasicBlock &block)
 Creates the BasicBlock python class. More...
PyObject * PyBasicBlock (std::vector< triton::arch::Instruction > &insts)
 Creates the BasicBlock python class. More...
PyObject * PyBasicBlock (void)
 Creates the BasicBlock python class. More...
void BitsVector_dealloc (PyObject *self)
 BitsVector destructor. More...
template PyObject * PyBitsVector (const triton::arch::Immediate &op)
template PyObject * PyBitsVector (const triton::arch::MemoryAccess &op)
template PyObject * PyBitsVector (const triton::arch::Register &op)
template<typename T >
PyObject * PyBitsVector (const T &op)
 Creates the BitsVector python class. More...
void Immediate_dealloc (PyObject *self)
 Immediate destructor. More...
PyObject * PyImmediate (const triton::arch::Immediate &imm)
 Creates the Immediate python class. More...
void Instruction_dealloc (PyObject *self)
 Instruction destructor. More...
PyObject * PyInstruction (void)
 Creates the Instruction python class. More...
PyObject * PyInstruction (const triton::arch::Instruction &inst)
 Creates the Instruction python class. More...
PyObject * PyInstruction (const void *opcodes, triton::uint32 opSize)
 Creates the Instruction python class. More...
PyObject * PyInstruction (triton::uint64 addr, const void *opcodes, triton::uint32 opSize)
 Creates the Instruction python class. More...
void MemoryAccess_dealloc (PyObject *self)
 MemoryAccess destructor. More...
PyObject * PyMemoryAccess (const triton::arch::MemoryAccess &mem)
 Creates the Memory python class. More...
void PathConstraint_dealloc (PyObject *self)
 PathConstraint destructor. More...
PyObject * PyPathConstraint (const triton::engines::symbolic::PathConstraint &pc)
 Creates the PathConstraint python class. More...
void Register_dealloc (PyObject *self)
 Register destructor. More...
PyObject * PyRegister (const triton::arch::Register &reg)
 Creates the Register python class. More...
void SolverModel_dealloc (PyObject *self)
 SolverModel destructor. More...
PyObject * PySolverModel (const triton::engines::solver::SolverModel &model)
 Creates the SolverModel python class. More...
void SymbolicExpression_dealloc (PyObject *self)
 SymbolicExpression destructor. More...
PyObject * PySymbolicExpression (const triton::engines::symbolic::SharedSymbolicExpression &expr)
 Creates the SymbolicExpression python class. More...
void SymbolicVariable_dealloc (PyObject *self)
 SymbolicVariable destructor. More...
PyObject * PySymbolicVariable (const triton::engines::symbolic::SharedSymbolicVariable &symVar)
 Creates the SymbolicVariable python class. More...
PyObject * PyTritonContext (void)
 Creates the new TritonContext python class. More...
PyObject * PyTritonContext (triton::arch::architecture_e arch)
 Creates the new TritonContext python class. More...
PyObject * PyTritonContextRef (triton::Context &ctx)
 Creates a TritonContext python class which is a reference to another Context. More...
PyObject * xPyDict_New (void)
 Creates a PyDict and raises an exception if it fails. More...
PyObject * xPyList_New (Py_ssize_t len)
 Creates a PyList and raises an exception if it fails. More...
PyObject * xPyTuple_New (Py_ssize_t len)
 Creates a PyTuple and raises an exception if it fails. More...
PyObject * xPyString_FromString (const char *v)
 Creates a PyString and raises an exception if it fails. More...
PyObject * xPyClass_New (PyObject *b, PyObject *d, PyObject *n)
 Creates a PyClass and raises an exception if it fails. dict is copied in Py3 ! All references are decremented. More...
int xPyDict_SetItemString (PyObject *p, const char *key, PyObject *val)
 Same as PyDict_SetItemString but decrements reference on object. More...
int xPyDict_SetItem (PyObject *p, PyObject *key, PyObject *val)
 Same as PyDict_SetItem but decrements reference on object and key. More...
bool PyLong_AsBool (PyObject *obj)
 Returns a bool from a pyObject. More...
triton::__uint PyLong_AsUint (PyObject *obj)
 Returns a triton::__uint from a pyObject. More...
triton::usize PyLong_AsUsize (PyObject *obj)
 Returns a triton::usize from a pyObject. More...
triton::uint32 PyLong_AsUint32 (PyObject *obj)
 Returns a triton::uint32 from a pyObject. More...
triton::uint64 PyLong_AsUint64 (PyObject *obj)
 Returns a triton::uint64 from a pyObject. More...
triton::uint128 PyLong_AsUint128 (PyObject *obj)
 Returns a triton::uint128 from a pyObject. More...
triton::uint256 PyLong_AsUint256 (PyObject *obj)
 Returns a triton::uint256 from a pyObject. More...
triton::uint512 PyLong_AsUint512 (PyObject *obj)
 Returns a triton::uint512 from a pyObject. More...
PyObject * PyLong_FromUint (triton::__uint value)
 Returns a pyObject from a triton::__uint. More...
PyObject * PyLong_FromUsize (triton::usize value)
 Returns a pyObject from a triton::usize. More...
PyObject * PyLong_FromUint32 (triton::uint32 value)
 Returns a pyObject from a triton::uint32. More...
PyObject * PyLong_FromUint64 (triton::uint64 value)
 Returns a pyObject from a triton::uint64. More...
PyObject * PyLong_FromUint128 (triton::uint128 value)
 Returns a pyObject from a triton::uint128. More...
PyObject * PyLong_FromUint256 (triton::uint256 value)
 Returns a pyObject from a triton::uint256. More...
PyObject * PyLong_FromUint512 (triton::uint512 value)
 Returns a pyObject from a triton::uint512. More...


PyObject * tritonModule = nullptr
 triton python module. More...
PyModuleDef tritonModuleDef
 triton python module definition. More...
PyMethodDef tritonCallbacks []
 triton python methods. More...
PyMethodDef AstContext_callbacks []
 AstContext methods. More...
PyTypeObject AstContext_Type
 Python description for an ast context. More...
PyMethodDef AstNode_callbacks []
 AstNode methods. More...
PyNumberMethods AstNode_NumberMethods
 AstNode operator methods. More...
PyTypeObject AstNode_Type
 pyAstNode type. More...
PyMethodDef BasicBlock_callbacks []
 BasicBlock methods. More...
PyTypeObject BasicBlock_Type
 pyBasicBlock type. More...
PyMethodDef BitsVector_callbacks []
 BitsVector methods. More...
PyTypeObject BitsVector_Type
 pyBitsVector type. More...
PyMethodDef Immediate_callbacks []
 Immediate methods. More...
PyTypeObject Immediate_Type
 pyImmediate type. More...
PyMethodDef Instruction_callbacks []
 Instruction methods. More...
PyTypeObject Instruction_Type
 pyInstruction type. More...
PyMethodDef MemoryAccess_callbacks []
 MemoryAccess methods. More...
PyTypeObject MemoryAccess_Type
 pyMemory type. More...
PyMethodDef PathConstraint_callbacks []
 PathConstraint methods. More...
PyTypeObject PathConstraint_Type
 pyPathConstraint type. More...
PyMethodDef Register_callbacks []
 Register methods. More...
PyTypeObject Register_Type
 pyRegister type. More...
PyMethodDef SolverModel_callbacks []
 SolverModel methods. More...
PyTypeObject SolverModel_Type
 pySolverModel type. More...
PyMethodDef SymbolicExpression_callbacks []
 SymbolicExpression methods. More...
PyTypeObject SymbolicExpression_Type
 pySymbolicExpression type. More...
PyMethodDef SymbolicVariable_callbacks []
 SymbolicVariable methods. More...
PyTypeObject SymbolicVariable_Type
 pySymbolicVariable type. More...
PyMethodDef TritonContext_callbacks []
 TritonContext methods. More...
PyTypeObject TritonContext_Type
 Description of the python representation of a TritonContext. More...
PyTypeObject TritonContextObject_Type
 pyRegister type.
PyTypeObject AstContextObject_Type
 pyRegister type.

Detailed Description

The Python namespace.

Function Documentation

◆ AstContext_dealloc()

void triton::bindings::python::AstContext_dealloc ( PyObject *  self)

AstContext destructor.

Definition at line 367 of file pyAstContext.cpp.

◆ AstNode_dealloc()

void triton::bindings::python::AstNode_dealloc ( PyObject *  self)

AstNode destructor.

Definition at line 150 of file pyAstNode.cpp.

◆ BasicBlock_dealloc()

void triton::bindings::python::BasicBlock_dealloc ( PyObject *  self)

BasicBlock destructor.

Definition at line 135 of file pyBasicBlock.cpp.

◆ BitsVector_dealloc()

void triton::bindings::python::BitsVector_dealloc ( PyObject *  self)

BitsVector destructor.

Definition at line 75 of file pyBitsVector.cpp.

◆ Immediate_dealloc()

void triton::bindings::python::Immediate_dealloc ( PyObject *  self)

Immediate destructor.

Definition at line 121 of file pyImmediate.cpp.

◆ Instruction_dealloc()

void triton::bindings::python::Instruction_dealloc ( PyObject *  self)

Instruction destructor.

Definition at line 247 of file pyInstruction.cpp.

◆ MemoryAccess_dealloc()

void triton::bindings::python::MemoryAccess_dealloc ( PyObject *  self)

MemoryAccess destructor.

Definition at line 158 of file pyMemoryAccess.cpp.

◆ PathConstraint_dealloc()

void triton::bindings::python::PathConstraint_dealloc ( PyObject *  self)

PathConstraint destructor.

Definition at line 110 of file pyPathConstraint.cpp.

◆ Register_dealloc()

void triton::bindings::python::Register_dealloc ( PyObject *  self)

Register destructor.

Definition at line 147 of file pyRegister.cpp.

◆ SolverModel_dealloc()

void triton::bindings::python::SolverModel_dealloc ( PyObject *  self)

SolverModel destructor.

Definition at line 90 of file pySolverModel.cpp.

◆ SymbolicExpression_dealloc()

void triton::bindings::python::SymbolicExpression_dealloc ( PyObject *  self)

SymbolicExpression destructor.

Definition at line 141 of file pySymbolicExpression.cpp.

◆ SymbolicVariable_dealloc()

void triton::bindings::python::SymbolicVariable_dealloc ( PyObject *  self)

SymbolicVariable destructor.

Definition at line 89 of file pySymbolicVariable.cpp.

Variable Documentation

◆ AstContext_callbacks

PyMethodDef triton::bindings::python::AstContext_callbacks[]

AstContext methods.

Definition at line 1777 of file pyAstContext.cpp.

◆ AstContext_Type

PyTypeObject triton::bindings::python::AstContext_Type

Python description for an ast context.

Definition at line 1847 of file pyAstContext.cpp.

◆ AstNode_callbacks

PyMethodDef triton::bindings::python::AstNode_callbacks[]
Initial value:
= {
{"equalTo", AstNode_equalTo, METH_O, ""},
{"evaluate", AstNode_evaluate, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getBitvectorMask", AstNode_getBitvectorMask, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getBitvectorSize", AstNode_getBitvectorSize, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getChildren", AstNode_getChildren, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getHash", AstNode_getHash, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getInteger", AstNode_getInteger, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getLevel", AstNode_getLevel, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getParents", AstNode_getParents, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getString", AstNode_getString, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getSymbolicExpression", AstNode_getSymbolicExpression, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getSymbolicVariable", AstNode_getSymbolicVariable, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getType", AstNode_getType, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"isArray", AstNode_isArray, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"isLogical", AstNode_isLogical, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"isSigned", AstNode_isSigned, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"isSymbolized", AstNode_isSymbolized, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"setChild", AstNode_setChild, METH_VARARGS, ""},
{nullptr, nullptr, 0, nullptr}

AstNode methods.

Definition at line 839 of file pyAstNode.cpp.

◆ AstNode_NumberMethods

PyNumberMethods triton::bindings::python::AstNode_NumberMethods

AstNode operator methods.

Definition at line 863 of file pyAstNode.cpp.

◆ BasicBlock_callbacks

PyMethodDef triton::bindings::python::BasicBlock_callbacks[]
Initial value:
= {
{"add", BasicBlock_add, METH_O, ""},
{"getFirstAddress", BasicBlock_getFirstAddress, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getInstructions", BasicBlock_getInstructions, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getLastAddress", BasicBlock_getLastAddress, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getSize", BasicBlock_getSize, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"remove", BasicBlock_remove, METH_O, ""},
{nullptr, nullptr, 0, nullptr}

BasicBlock methods.

Definition at line 236 of file pyBasicBlock.cpp.

◆ BitsVector_callbacks

PyMethodDef triton::bindings::python::BitsVector_callbacks[]
Initial value:
= {
{"getHigh", BitsVector_getHigh, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getLow", BitsVector_getLow, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getMaxValue", BitsVector_getMaxValue, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getVectorSize", BitsVector_getVectorSize, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{nullptr, nullptr, 0, nullptr}

BitsVector methods.

Definition at line 141 of file pyBitsVector.cpp.

◆ Immediate_callbacks

PyMethodDef triton::bindings::python::Immediate_callbacks[]
Initial value:
= {
{"getBitSize", Immediate_getBitSize, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getBitvector", Immediate_getBitvector, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getShiftType", Immediate_getShiftType, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getShiftImmediate", Immediate_getShiftImmediate, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getShiftRegister", Immediate_getShiftRegister, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getSize", Immediate_getSize, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getType", Immediate_getType, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getValue", Immediate_getValue, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"setValue", Immediate_setValue, METH_VARARGS, ""},
{nullptr, nullptr, 0, nullptr}

Immediate methods.

Definition at line 253 of file pyImmediate.cpp.

◆ Instruction_callbacks

PyMethodDef triton::bindings::python::Instruction_callbacks[]

Instruction methods.

Definition at line 738 of file pyInstruction.cpp.

◆ MemoryAccess_callbacks

PyMethodDef triton::bindings::python::MemoryAccess_callbacks[]
Initial value:
= {
{"getAddress", MemoryAccess_getAddress, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getBaseRegister", MemoryAccess_getBaseRegister, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getBitSize", MemoryAccess_getBitSize, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getBitvector", MemoryAccess_getBitvector, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getDisplacement", MemoryAccess_getDisplacement, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getIndexRegister", MemoryAccess_getIndexRegister, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getLeaAst", MemoryAccess_getLeaAst, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getScale", MemoryAccess_getScale, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getSegmentRegister", MemoryAccess_getSegmentRegister, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getSize", MemoryAccess_getSize, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getType", MemoryAccess_getType, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"isOverlapWith", MemoryAccess_isOverlapWith, METH_O, ""},
{"setBaseRegister", MemoryAccess_setBaseRegister, METH_O, ""},
{"setDisplacement", MemoryAccess_setDisplacement, METH_O, ""},
{"setIndexRegister", MemoryAccess_setIndexRegister, METH_O, ""},
{"setScale", MemoryAccess_setScale, METH_O, ""},
{"setSegmentRegister", MemoryAccess_setSegmentRegister, METH_O, ""},
{nullptr, nullptr, 0, nullptr}

MemoryAccess methods.

Definition at line 411 of file pyMemoryAccess.cpp.

◆ PathConstraint_callbacks

PyMethodDef triton::bindings::python::PathConstraint_callbacks[]
Initial value:
= {
{"getBranchConstraints", PathConstraint_getBranchConstraints, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getComment", PathConstraint_getComment, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getTakenAddress", PathConstraint_getTakenAddress, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getTakenPredicate", PathConstraint_getTakenPredicate, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getThreadId", PathConstraint_getThreadId, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"isMultipleBranches", PathConstraint_isMultipleBranches, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"setComment", PathConstraint_setComment, METH_O, ""},
{nullptr, nullptr, 0, nullptr}

PathConstraint methods.

Definition at line 207 of file pyPathConstraint.cpp.

◆ Register_callbacks

PyMethodDef triton::bindings::python::Register_callbacks[]
Initial value:
= {
{"getBitSize", Register_getBitSize, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getBitvector", Register_getBitvector, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getExtendSize", Register_getExtendSize, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getExtendType", Register_getExtendType, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getId", Register_getId, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getName", Register_getName, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getShiftImmediate", Register_getShiftImmediate, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getShiftRegister", Register_getShiftRegister, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getShiftType", Register_getShiftType, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getSize", Register_getSize, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getType", Register_getType, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getVASType", Register_getVASType, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"isMutable", Register_isMutable, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"isOverlapWith", Register_isOverlapWith, METH_O, ""},
{nullptr, nullptr, 0, nullptr}

Register methods.

Definition at line 368 of file pyRegister.cpp.

◆ SolverModel_callbacks

PyMethodDef triton::bindings::python::SolverModel_callbacks[]
Initial value:
= {
{"getId", SolverModel_getId, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getValue", SolverModel_getValue, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getVariable", SolverModel_getVariable, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{nullptr, nullptr, 0, nullptr}

SolverModel methods.

Definition at line 146 of file pySolverModel.cpp.

◆ SymbolicExpression_callbacks

PyMethodDef triton::bindings::python::SymbolicExpression_callbacks[]
Initial value:
= {
{"getAst", SymbolicExpression_getAst, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getComment", SymbolicExpression_getComment, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getDisassembly", SymbolicExpression_getDisassembly, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getId", SymbolicExpression_getId, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getNewAst", SymbolicExpression_getNewAst, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getOrigin", SymbolicExpression_getOrigin, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getType", SymbolicExpression_getType, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"isMemory", SymbolicExpression_isMemory, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"isRegister", SymbolicExpression_isRegister, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"isSymbolized", SymbolicExpression_isSymbolized, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"isTainted", SymbolicExpression_isTainted, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"setAst", SymbolicExpression_setAst, METH_O, ""},
{"setComment", SymbolicExpression_setComment, METH_O, ""},
{nullptr, nullptr, 0, nullptr}

SymbolicExpression methods.

Definition at line 330 of file pySymbolicExpression.cpp.

◆ SymbolicVariable_callbacks

PyMethodDef triton::bindings::python::SymbolicVariable_callbacks[]
Initial value:
= {
{"getAlias", SymbolicVariable_getAlias, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getBitSize", SymbolicVariable_getBitSize, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getComment", SymbolicVariable_getComment, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getId", SymbolicVariable_getId, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getName", SymbolicVariable_getName, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getOrigin", SymbolicVariable_getOrigin, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"getType", SymbolicVariable_getType, METH_NOARGS, ""},
{"setAlias", SymbolicVariable_setAlias, METH_O, ""},
{"setComment", SymbolicVariable_setComment, METH_O, ""},
{nullptr, nullptr, 0, nullptr}

SymbolicVariable methods.

Definition at line 267 of file pySymbolicVariable.cpp.

◆ TritonContext_callbacks

PyMethodDef triton::bindings::python::TritonContext_callbacks[]

TritonContext methods.

Definition at line 3556 of file pyTritonContext.cpp.

◆ TritonContext_Type

PyTypeObject triton::bindings::python::TritonContext_Type

Description of the python representation of a TritonContext.

Definition at line 3663 of file pyTritonContext.cpp.